Steel Fabrication

To be a step ahead with technologically enhancement

In mid 2017, Sonargaon Steel Fabricate Limited started its journey in the Steel Structure Industry of Bangladesh. To break the clutter and gain market share. In 2017, SSFL was launched with a complete solution of Pre-Engineered Steel Building (PEB) with a production capacity of 3000 MT/month. The use of PEB is not only economical and time-saving but also eco-friendly, especially when there is a threat of global warming. For the time being, PEB structures are built in a very short period of time with the help of modern technologies and equipment like 60 meter high and 75-meter long boom tower cranes and different capacities of Hydraulic cranes (from 16 MT to 150 MT).

We have completed a 150,000 sq ft factory for TIC Australia, first ever Australian company to have invested in Bangladesh. Sakata Inx (Japan), SIEGWERK -GERMANY, Standard Group BD, Kazi Agro, Kazi Additive Ltd., Amber Group, Patenga Container Terminal Shed under Chittagong Port Authority are our valuable clients.

Assurance of Quality and maintaining deadlines are our top priorities.  


SS & MS Pipe and Box

MS Pipe: ¾” to 8” , MS Box: 1”x1” to 5”x5”, SS Pipe: ½” to 3”, SS Box: ½”x ½” to 2”x3”.

The capacity of the factory is MS 1560 MT and SS 580 MT

SSFL has C-Channel, Z-Purlin, Roof & Wall Forming machines for secondary members of Steel structures so that we can ensure one-stop services to our valuable clients.

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Welding Electrode & Wire

SSFL has a welding electrode factory named Fresh Welding Electrode & Wire. It is formed as a subsidiary of Sonargaon Steel Fabricate Limited (SSFL), under the flagship of renowned Meghna Group of Industries in the year of 2019. We have products under different AWS grades like E 6012, E 6013, E 7018, Hard 350 R. We have developed our products with the latest manufacturing technology and strong in-house R&D facility.

Our Products are:
  • Fresh Speed E-6012
  • Fresh Hi-Speed E-6012
  • Fresh Marine Gold E-6013
  • Fresh Super Arc E-6013
  • Fresh Super Weld E-6013
  • Fresh Master Marine E-6013
  • Fresh Solid Bond E-6013
  • Fresh Hard 350 R
  • E 7018, 650 B & SS Electrode

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Gas Plant

SSFL has Oxygen, Acetylene, and CO2 plants. Also N2, N2O, Argon, Helium plants are in the pipeline. We will be able to produce all types of gases by 2020.

Uses of Gases:
  • Oxygen is used both in medical and industrial uses
  • Industrial oxygen is vastly used in welding & cutting in the dockyard, re-rolling mills and other industries
  • Dissolved Acetylene used for cutting purpose
  • Argon is used for SS pipe welding
  • CO2 is used for Beverage & MIG Welding
  • N2 is used for purging, food packaging, pharmaceuticals, and other industrial uses


Double Bubble Insulation

Double Bubble Insulation is one of the vital materials for pre-engineered steel buildings. The Double Bubble Insulation manufactured by SSFL's factories comprises two layers of aluminum foils. This makes it fire and heat resistant. As aluminium foils absorb heat, the temperature within the buildings will be normal.

SSFL produces 5mm to 8mm Double Bubble Insulation for factory and building uses.