Milk Powder

Full Cream Milk Powder

MGI sources its milk powder from the world’s best farms of Australia, New Zealand & Ireland to provide the best quality milk powder to the consumers. Fresh Full Cream Milk Powder is a household name and preferred choice of the consumers for their everyday nutrition. It helps to improve the intelligence of children as it contains choline, iodine, and omega 3 & 6. It comes packed with protein, calcium and iron which helps build strength and ensures better functioning of the immune system. MGI operates with three different milk powder brands in the market named “Fresh”, “Super Pure” and “No-1”.

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Instant Full Cream Milk Powder

Instant Full Cream Milk Powder is the premium category of milk powder by MGI. Sourced from the world’s best farms, the formula is highly soluble in nature and is ideal for kids to drink and for preparing tea,desserts and milk-based products. It contains more than 32 vital nutrients that ensure proper nutrition for you and your family.

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Fat Filled Milk Powder

Fat Filled Milk Powder is a blend of evaporated skimmed milk and vegetable fat in powder form. It is sourced from Europe’s best farms. This milk is suitable for desserts, tea and milk-based products. This milk powder is an affordable but tasty solution for the consumers. We have two brands of Fat Filled Milk Powder: No.1 Pusti Protidin and Pure Pusti Protidin.

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