Chocolaty Bliss!

MGI’s chocolates are a very recent addition in the product line but they have already gained popularity. Introduced in 2019, they are made with carefully selected cocoa imported from Brazil, Malaysia, and Indonesia. With the usage of high-quality ingredients and implementation of the latest technologies, precise processes, and meticulous quality control, our chocolates are of the finest quality. For a satisfying cocoa- rich, creamy & buttery milk chocolate treat, look no further than Fresh Chocolate Bar. Simply unwrap and enjoy or incorporate it into your favorite dessert recipes.

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Best Partner of Crispee Generation

With 40 years of experience in Consumer Goods Industry of Bangladesh, Meghna Noodles & Biscuits Factory Ltd. has introduced Wafers - a tasty and crunchy product line dedicated to our fun-loving young generation. Each variety of wafer delightfully fills up the craving for a tasty snack. With state-of-the-art technology, strong quality control and finest quality ingredients, the company is on a mission to serve the best quality wafers to our consumers.

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