Basic Chemicals

MGI established Tasnim Chemical Complex Ltd. (TCCL) in 2009 with an ambitious plan to enter the chemical Industry. To fuel industrial growth, reduce import dependency of basic chemicals and petrochemicals, and to manufacture and market world-class chemicals with outstanding product quality, product development capabilities and outstanding services MGI founded Tasnim Chemical Complex.

MGI has one of the most sophisticated chemical complexes in Bangladesh. The two chemical production units produce chloro-alkali and Hydrogen peroxide. Both units are operated by a distributed control system. MGI is using state of the art technologies like Bi-polar Membrane technology and Auto-Oxidation technology respectively for the Chloro-alkali and Hydrogen peroxide plants.

These plants are environmentally friendly and energy-efficient. With a mandate to achieve a safe working environment, TCCL’s mission is to sustain the company's growth through customer satisfaction. Making the country self-sufficient in this field, MGI is now exporting membrane grade Caustic Soda, Chlorine, and Hydrogen Peroxide to many countries of Asia, Africa and America. This was only possible for our consistency in product quality, timely shipment and reasonable pricing policy.

Our Products Used in
  • Dyeing Plant
  • Textile Industry
  • Detergent Manufacturing
  • Pulp & Paper Processing Industry
  • Water Treatment    
  • Effluent Treatment
  • Steel Mills
  • Processing Of Bone In Gelatin Industry
  • Disinfection & Odor Control
  • Artificial Leather Manufacturing
  • Rubber Industry
  • In All Flexible PVC Products
  • Shoe Sole etc.

Caustic Soda Flakes

Chemical Name: Sodium Hydroxide
Chemical Formula: NaOH
Molecular Weight: 40
Concentration: 99.00% (±0.50%)
Packing: 25 Kg PP bag & 50 Kg PP bag.

Caustic Soda (Liquid)

Chemical Name: Sodium Hydroxide.
Chemical Formula: NaOH
Molecular Weight: 40
Concentration: 45-48%
Packing: Bulk.

Hydrogen Peroxide

Chemical Name: Hydrogen Peroxide.
Chemical Formula: H2O2
Concentration: 50%
Packing: 30 kg Jar, 1000 kg IBC Jar, ISO Tank & Bulk.

Liquid Chlorine

Chemical Name: Chlorine
Chemical Formula: Cl2
Molecular Weight: 35.45
Concentration: 99.9%
Packing: 900 Kg Cylinder

Hydrochloric Acid (32%)

Chemical Name: Hydrochloric Acid
Chemical Formula: HCl
Molecular Weight: 36.45
Packing: 250 Kg Drums.

Sodium Hypo Chlorite

Chemical Name: Sodium Hypo Chlorite (12-15%)
Chemical Formula: NaOCl
Molecular Weight: 74.45

Chlorinated Paraffin Wax (CPW)

Chemical Name: Chlorinated Paraffin.
Chemical Formula: Cn H 2n + 2 – x Clx
Molecular Weight: 350 - 450 g mole -1


Chemical Name: Sodium Hypo Chlorite.
Chemical Formula: NaOCl
Molecular Weight: 74.45
Packing: 4 Kg Jar.