Seeds Crushing

Soya Bean & Rape Seed processing plant of MGI is a backward integration initiative to extend MGI’s value chain for greater efficiency. MGI ventured into seeds crushing business in the year 2010 with “Meghna Seeds Crushing Mills Ltd.” which is one of the largest seeds crushing plants in Bangladesh and is committed to produce high-quality Soya Meal, Rape Seed Cake, extruded full fat (Soya), Soya Hulls, Liquid Lecithin, Powder Lecithin & Lecithin Oil for feed mills across the country. For this high-quality Soya Seed, Rape Seed from USA, Canada, and Brazil are used as raw materials and processed with European & South American technologies.

Journey of MGI's innovations for Feed Industries, Bakery Industries & Pharmaceuticals Industries:

  • Regular protein Soya Meal (Protein content 42% to 44%)
  •  Rape Seeds Cake (Protein content 36% to 38%)
  •  Liquid Lecithin (61 % Phospholipids & 39% Oil)
  •  High protein Soya Meal (Protein content 46%)
  •  Soya Hulls for cattle (Protein content 11%, Oil content 2.5 Max, Fiber 30%+)

  •  High protein Soya Meal (Protein content 48%)
  •  Extruded Full Fat Soya (Protein Content 37% to 39%, Oil content around 20%, Urea’s 0.05%)
  •  Liquid Soy Lecithin (61 % Phospholipids & 39% Oil)
  •  Powder Soy Lecithin (98 % Phospholipids & 2 % Oil)
Why us?
  •  Latest technologies with upgrades
  •  Number 1 raw materials & solvent
  •  Skilled in extraction technology
  •  Storage of raw materials under air conditioning system
  •  Storage of finished products in moisture proof concrete silos
  •  Bagging & loading in complete automatic machines
  •  Online quality analyzer & consistent quality
  •  We believe better ingredients ensures better feeds
  •  We always respect customer opinion
  •  We are always standby for our customers

Fresh "Phospolipid" (Lecithin powder)
Phospholipids' (Lecithin Powder) is a pure, de-oiled phospholipid complex manufactured by the latest processing technology. It is the concentrated active ingredient of natural crude lecithin. Phospholipids are among the most essential active substances in the animal organism. They have fat-like properties and are therefore also termed phospholipids. Phospholipids supply the animals' metabolism with important components such as choline, inositol, and linoleic and linolenic acid. The phosphorus content of phospholipids is readily bioavailable because of their amphiphilic molecular structure - meaning that they have an affinity for both water and lipids - phospholipids interact with both water-soluble and fat-soluble substances. It is this that makes "Phospholipid" (Lecithin Powder) an incomparable active substance for use in poultry.

  • The wide use of special phospholipids in poultry results from their threefold function.
  • Physiological Agents As physiological agents they control permeability of the cell membranes and control enzymatic activity.
  • Phosphatidylcholine is a part of lipoproteins, thus acting as a lipotrophic substance helping fat metabolism.
  • Essential Components Phospholipids area source of natural components essential for the health of the organism. These are
  • Choline - More effective than synthetic choline chloride
  • Inositol - An essential vitamin-like substance
  • Phosphorus - With better bio availability than mineral phosphates

Biological Emulsifiers
Because of the surface active substances they contain, phospholipids are effective biological emulsifiers. They emulsify fats, improving their distribution and in turn the digestibility of the feed.

Fresh "Phospholipids" (Lecithin Powder) has to be added to the mash feed before pelletizing. The correct inclusion rate depends on the age of the animals and the fat content of the feed. The younger the animals, the more phospholipids they need. The higher the fat level of the feed, the more phospholipids have to be added.

Fresh "Phospholipid" (Lecithin Powder) is a powder and therefore easy to use. That is the best guarantee that the phospholipids will be evenly distributed in the compound feed.

Dosage in Feed
250 gm - 1Kg/Ton of feed

Storage and shelf life
Fresh "Phospholipids" (Lecithin Powder) is hygroscopic in nature thus should be stored in closed LDPE Liner bags in a cool, dry place. The product should be used as soon as possible once the bag has been opened. If stored accordingly to instructions, "Phospholipid" has a shelf life of 18 months.