Bricks & Blocks

To keep up with the increasing number of population in Bangladesh, more industries, roads & accommodation facilities are required. Bangladesh government has taken steps to shut down traditional clay burnt brick factories as they are hazardous to the environment and are promoting establishment of eco-friendly auto bricks and blocks factories.

Sonargaon Green Concrete Bricks and Blocks is to reduce the environmental impact of red bricks/clay bricks using the new technology. The technology considers all phases of a concrete construction’s life cycle, i.e. structural design, specification, manufacturing, and maintenance, and it includes all aspects of hi-tech performance, i.e. mechanical properties, fire resistance, workmanship. Concrete blocks are factory-made with proper heat and temperature.

Sizes of Concrete Bricks & Blocks:
  • Solid Brick: 240x110x70
  • Hollow Block: 240x115x70
  • Hollow Block: 400x200x200
  • Kerb Stone: 500x400x120
  • Paved Zig Zag Tiles: 200x100x60
  • Paved Tiles Square: 250x250x60
  • Any other sizes can be provided based on clients’ demand