Corrugated Packaging

Best Quality in Packaging

Meghna Group of Industries (MGI) has established its corrugated printing & packaging industries with Sonargaon Printing & Packaging Industries Ltd. in 2019 to safely carry various products. This industry is engaged in the manufacturing of cartons & packages which are used by other factories/units of MGI for packaging products.

Sonargaon Printing & Packaging Industries Ltd. is equipped with advanced machineries in in its automatic corrugated 3/5 ply cardboard making plant, which is one of the largest auto carton packaging lines in Bangladesh. MGI offers a wide range of packaging solutions and services for all styles and types of corrugated packaging like corrugated box carton with 3/5 ply including C & B flute combination, tray, top & bottom, die-cutting, punch box, colorful gift box, heavy-duty pallet, auto-lock carton box as well as all kinds of printed and unprinted carton boxes.

  • Automatic 5 ply corrugated board production line.
  • Automatic lead edge feeding two-color flexo printing, slotting, and rotary die-cutting machine with auto stacker.
  • Automatic lead edge feeding folder, gluer, and auto stitching machine with auto PP strapping (binding) machine.
  • Automatic close type of waste paper strapping machine.
  • Stitching machine, thin blade slitter scorer machine, manual creasing slitting machine, and carton binding machine.